Colin Patterson


Number: 11
Shoots: Right
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195
Birth Date: 1960-05-11
Birth Place: Rexdale, Ontario


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Work for Just-In Case Fire Ltd which Fire designs, manufactures, and markets innovative, foam induced, portable fire suppression equipment under the brand FIRECADDY™. Our foam injected line up currently includes a gasoline, diesel and a 12-volt battery operated system providing the best breadth of application coverage of any of the manufacturers who sell on-site, mobile, firefighting equipment. These products use a combination of water & environmentally friendly foam to fight fires and safeguard people, property and the environment from loss due to fires.  Our foam called FlameOut is the only environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-corrosive, 100% bio-degradable foam that fights both A & B fires that is UL listed, NFPA approved as well as USDA Forestry Services approved. In general terms we fill the gap between the Fire extinguisher and the Fire Truck.  Our equipment has been used for prevention and suppression from Oil & Gas to Camps to Construction sites to Residential and more information and videos on our Company and our products can be found on our website: