Jim (Bearcat) Murray


Number: 0
Shoots: Left
Height: 0
Weight: 0
Birth Date: 1933-01-01
Birth Place: ,


Everybody loves Bearcat.  Jim “Bearcat” Murray became the Head Athletic Trainer for the Flames the day they arrived in Calgary and he quickly became a beloved franchise icon thanks to his folksy charisma, unmatched work ethic and his genuine affection for the players he looked after.  His positivity in the face of adversity is a big part of his magnetic personality and was the impetus behind the creation of the Bearcat Murray Fan Club.


Bearcat’s greatest fear was that somebody would get hurt and he wouldn't be able to help them, so he studied medical textbooks constantly and visualized himself successfully treating every kind of injury to ensure he was ready for anything.   His dedication made him a lifesaver and earned him the love and respect of his players.


“I do all kinds of appearances for charity events and I do some public speaking and things like that,  especially for the old people… I don’t know why but those old guys like me, I tell ‘em stories and they love my stories.  I have a lot of fun doing that and do quite a few events which really makes me happy because I know I'm helping people, you know?  As long as I can help somebody I feel good.”

As its most famous resident and best ambassador, Bearcat lives in Okotoks with his wife Shirley.  He’s very proud of his sons Al and Danny and his grandkids whom he adores.